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Javid Law Associates offers business consultancy and sourcing services physically and virtually around the globe by using up-to-date, user-friendly, and affordable technologies that help our clients.

Growth Business

Business Growth Of Our Clients are Our First Priority. We give every possible Ideas to our clients which are beneficial for their Business.

Free Consultancy

Free Consultancy support to our clients to Provide Them with the best suggestions, ideas, and advice.

Structured Assessment & Timely Compliances

Timely Compliances Provide Them Compliances of Their Business Timely. A well-structured System where we notify our Clients For Every Compliances Via Branded SMS & WhatsApp.


Javid Law Associates provides our clients with online portals like POS, Accounting, HR, Payroll.

Tax, Compliance & Payroll Tax

Timely compliances provide them compliances for their business in a well-structured system where we notify our clients for every compliance via branded SMS & WhatsApp. We provide support in payroll tax.

Financial Accounting Services

Our firm has many ACMA, CA, ACCA, CA QCR firms to provide financial reports and internal & external audits.

Focus On Client

We have a focus on our thousands of clients individually. Their compliance status and reporting are our priority. Every compliance of our clients is in our sight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions from various clients

The person who appears in Active Taxpayers List is called Filer.
The documents required for sales tax registration are as follows: ...
NTN is the National Tax Number issued Once to A person.
The Retailer who would be categorized in any of the following condition would be known as Tier-1 Retailer in terms of Section 2(43A) of the Sales Tax Act, 1990: ...
Yes, a tax return must be filed for each reporting period even though no taxable activity is performed in that tax period is due. The registered person would be required to file “Nil” return for such tax period.
Every person registered for Sales Tax must follow these rules and obligations imposed by Tax Authorities and make compliances accordingly: ...
Sales tax returns are normally required to be submitted on a monthly basis, and there are mainly three dates that need to be kept in consideration while filing sales tax returns: ...
Sales tax registration is compulsory for the underneath persons engaged in making taxable supplies: ...
Every Financial Year Starts From ¹st July To ³⁰ June.
A registered person is required to issue tax invoice at the time of selling goods and rendering of services. The Invoices should include the following particulars: ...

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